Relationship between residual urine volume and age, gender and weight of the dogs using ultrasound machine


Residual urine volume is a urine volume which is left in the urinary bladder when the act of micturition is completed. It is mostly measured to diagnose different obstructive, neurogenic and congenital disorders of the urinary bladder. Residual urine volume is increased in various obstructive and neurogenic abnormalities of the urinary bladder. In the present study residual urine volume was determined in 24-mongrel dogs using ultrasound machine and its relationship with age, weight and sex was determined statistically by correlation analysis. A significant correlation of bladder volume was found with weight (P≤0.003) and age (P≤0.006) of the dogs but there was no significant correlation (P>0.01) with the gender type of the dogs. It was thus concluded from the study that dogs with increase age and weight have high residual urine volumes and these factors should be considered before evaluating the urinary bladder for changes in residual urine volume under various disease conditions.

Key words: Residual urine volume, Sonography, Correlation, dogs.