Theileriosis in Crossbred Cattle: Therapeutic Management and Control


Bovine Tropical theileriosishaving worldwide economic importance in cattle caused by Theileriaannulata, a protozoan parasite, and transmitted by ticks. The disease is one of the major constraints to the dairy industry and causes devastating losses to the livestockin India. The present cases demonstrate the clinical manifestation, hematological alternation and therapeutic management of theileriosis in Holstein Friesian cattlein Jalandhar district. Clinical examination of affected animals revealed high fever (104-1060 F), enlargement of superficial lymph nodes, pallor mucus membrane. The blood smears examination after staining revealed the presence of Theileria organisms. Buparvaquone along with supportive therapy could cure all the animals.

Keywords: Bovine tropical theileriosis, Buparvaquone,Theileria, Tick