Pathological investigation of hydatidosis in goats of selected abattoirs at Barishal metropolitan area in Bangladesh


Echinococcosis is an important zoonotic parasitic disease that produces hydatid cyst in different body tissues, preferentially in liver and lungs. It has a major public health as well as economic impacts throughout the world. In this study the incidence of hydatidosis and pathological changes in the liver and lung of goat were investigated at the selected abattoirs of Barishal metropolitan area in Bangladesh. The study was carried out on 278 (n=278) randomly selected goats slaughtered for meat purposes; sex, breed, age and seasons were taken into account during the experimental period. The overall incidence in goats was found to be 11.87%. The prevalence of hydatidosis was more in male goats (13.25%) than female goats (9.27%). Black Bengal goats (13.52%) were found to be more susceptible than Jamunapari goats (7.04%). The prevalence rate was higher in adult (≥4.1 years) goats (17.59%) as compared to the young (≤3 years) goats (5.15%). Highest prevalence was found during rainy season (22.39%) and lowest prevalence was found during winter season (6.67%). In this study, liver (48.49%) was found to be the mostly affected organ followed by lungs (27.27%), whereas, in 24.25% cases both lungs and liver was found positive. Grossly, variable sized (1-5cm) cyst of 1-4 in number was observed in both liver and lung. In the histopathological examination, major findings were hepatic edema, vaculated hepatocytes in liver; and presence of pockets within hydatid cyst wall with infiltration of inflammatory cells in both liver and lung parenchyma. Affected lungs revealed a thick coat of granulation with fibrosis, resulting in atelectasis and desquamation of bronchial epithelium. The indiscriminate slaughtering of goats is done in markets, streets and open fields; viscera, blood, bones and other organs are found here and there in the studied area. Thus hydatidosis that cause lesions in lungs and liver might be capable to transmit in human. So this situation possesses a serious threat to public health as it is a zoonotic disease. This paper reports the prevalence and pathological changesof hydiatidosis in the slaughtered goats of Barishal metropolitan area in Bangladesh.

Keywords: Incidence, Echinococcus, Hydatid cyst, Goat, Liver, Lungs