Assessment of Genetic Polymorphisms in Commercial Broiler Breeds using RAPD-PCR as Molecular Markers


RAPD-PCR was applied to evaluate the phylogenetic relationship and genetic variation among three chicken breeds; Cobb, Avian, and Ross. A total of seven arbitrary short primers were used and they generated polymorphic, reproducible and score able bands. 42 bands were produced from these primers. Out of these bands, 3 (7.14 %) were recognized as monomorphic and 18 (42.85 %) as polymorphic bands. The highest percentage (67%) of polymorphic bands was generated by OPC-1 primer, while the lowest percentage (20%) of polymorphic bands was generated by OPA-20 primer. Interbreed of band sharing frequencies were 0.82±0.13 between Avian-Cobb, 0.76±0.19 between Avian-Ross and 0.85±0.09 between Cobb-Ross. Three primers (OPA-8, OPA-10, and OPA-20) were specified for Ross, Avian and Cobb breeds respectively. The study recommends the use of RAPD- PCR to detect the genetic changes and relations among broiler chicken breeds.

Keywords: Poultry, RAPD- PCR, Genetic Variability, Phylogenetic.