Protective effects of Vitamin D and Metformin against Hematological, Biochemical and Histopathological Alterations in Induced Diabetic Rats


Our study was designed to evaluate the association between vitamin D and diabetes mellitus in induced diabetic rats of some hematological and biochemical parameters as well as histopathological examination. The study was conducted on a total sixty male albino rats weighing (120-170 g , BW) , that were divided into two groups, the first group fed on normal diet,  and the second group  fed on  high-fat diet for 2 weeks predispose cause to diabetic induction. Then intraperitoneal injection of Streptozotocin (STZ) to induce diabetes. The experimental rats randomly divided into six equals groups, as follow: 1st group (-ve control) non-supplemented non-diabetic, 2nd group  diabetic untreated (DM) , 3rd group diabetic treated with vitamin D alone (DM+VD), 4th group  diabetic treated with metformin (DM+ Met) , 5th group (DM+ VD+ Met) diabetic treated with vitamin D and metformin, 6th group (VD) rats supplemented with vitamin D. The treatment lasted for 4 weeks then whole blood, serum samples,  and tissue specimens were collected for hematological, some serum biochemical analysis and histopathological examination respectively. Our findings revealed that the treatment of diabetic induced rats with both vitamin D and metformin had a significant effect on the hematological parameters except total leukocytic and lymphocytic counts, which were markedly increased. Moreover, a significant increase in the serum hepatic enzymes activities (ALT, AST, and ALP). Meanwhile, a significant reduction in TP, ALB, GLO, A/G ratio, Total Bilirubin , Direct Bilirubin  and  Indirect Bilirubin . 

Keywords: Vitamin D; Diabetes Mellitus (DM); Streptozotcin (STZ); hematology, biochemical parameters and histopathological examination.