Natural Science Research Forum - nSRF​

To bring the different members working all over the world together and provide a common platform to project the scientific, technical and clinical information is pertaining to Natural Sciences.

To keep the research scientists in touch with the latest advances in various sub-disciplines of Natural Sciences.

To organize conferences, symposia and short term courses on continued education for the enthusiastic researchers.

To carefully consider proposals, ideas, views given by individual or groups of members for furthering various aspects of Natural Sciences programmes, scientific knowhow’s and applied programmes.

To associate with other sisterly professional societies at national and international level in order to achieve the above objectives.

To promote research inventions on new formulations or appliances for use as a pertinent researcher in the field of Natural Science.

Finally, to arrange all coherent scientific outputs and disclose these through nSRF To launch a journal, “Annals of Veterinary and Animal Science” & a newsletter (nSRF eNewsletter ) monthly in order to incorporate the latest researches and applied observations in the field of Natural Sciences to assist in the theme of sustainable and safer world for wider aspects.

The jurisdiction of the journal will be covered by the Executive Council of Natural Science Research Forum (nSRF).

The office of nSRF will function with its headquarter at the place where the “Secretary” holds his/her office.

Online MemberA faculty who is actively engaged in the teaching/ research/extension and working in the field of Natural Sciences or allied fields is eligible to become a member by submitting a Research key note, research letter, findings abstract or research news related with Biology. He/she is not to suppose any payment for that. His research CV will be uploaded in www.nsrf.naturepub.org and the outstanding two (02) authors will be awarded yearly.
Life MemberAny person as specified under clause 2.1.1, by paying an amount of 100$ (subjected to revision from time to time)
Honorary MemberTo be an honorary member, a person should be of high professional standing or any other person who has rendered commendable service for the cause of Natural Sciences may be nominated by the Executive Council of nSRF. Members thus nominated by the Executive Council shall not be more than three during any year and not more than twelve at any time.
PatronDonations from benefactors will be accepted in any amount exceeding 100$. The benefactors have all the privileges of a member except to vote and to contest for any office of nSRF.
Members Annual members and life members of nSRF will have the privilege to attend general body meetings, conferences, symposia, seminars etc. and to vote and to contest for any office.
Honorary Members Honorary members will have all the privileges as stated under clause 2.2.1 except to vote and to contest for any office of nSRF.
Enrollment for memberships Normally any person fulfilling the qualifications as mentioned under clause 2.1.1 can apply for enrollment as a member in the prescribed proforma, along with the membership fee to the Secretary. The membership amount should always be paid in the form of cross bank draft/M.O./Cash payable to the Secretary of nSRF.
Commutation of membership to life member Those who want to become life members but have con-tinued to be effective annual members for two years, a reb-ate will be allowed as a discount on the amount to be paid for becoming a life member.

The nSRF may raise funds by accepting contributions, donations, grants, gifts etc. from members, non-members, private organizations, Government Agencies and other charitable organizations. The entire property movable and immovable shall vest with the general body of nSRF.

Membership, subscriptions, contributions, donations and grant-in-aids etc. shall be deposited in the Dutch Bangla Bank, Bangladesh for which an account in the said bank shall be opened.
The treasurer shall deposit all receipts in the form of cash/draft etc. on same day. In the event of holidays the deposits are made on the next working day.
Withdrawal of cash from the account shall be done by the Chairman & Secretary.
Medals Fellowship may be awarded to the distinguished researchers as per the rules to be framed and approved by the General Body. For this purpose, nSRF may accept contribution/donation from firms/organizations /individuals. The funds received for this purpose will be regulated by the rules to be framed and approved by the General Body.
Appreciation Awards The nSRF may handle Appreciation Awards to deserving scientists for their outstanding contributions in the field of Natural Sciences. However, the numbers of such awards shall not be more than 2 in a year.

As per the originally approved constitution (Chapter 2, clause Amendments 2.8) a number of new rules can be incorporated as well existing rules mentioned concerning with the Executive Council of nSRF, and they will perform such notable changes concerning the Chairman and Executive Secretary.





Executive Members


Organizing Members


Alumni Members

1. Dr. A. T. M. Badruzzaman badruzzaman.sau@gmail.com
2. Asmaul Husna ekarastrisa@gmail.com
3. Dr. Md. Masudul Islam masudvets@gmail.com
4. Dr. MD. Mahbubur Rahman sau.mahbub@gmail.com
5. Mohammad Sirajul Islam Ashak md.ashak@gmail.com
6. MD.Atiqul Islam brakibhasan.sau008@gmail.com
7. Dr. Md. Mehedi Hasan drmehedi.dvm@gmail.com
8. Sabina Yesmin sabinayesmin480@gmail.com
9. Sunil Kumar Yadav Sunildvm0982@gmail.com
10. Amran Hossen Rubel rubeldvm89@gmail.com
11. Moumita Das moumita.dasdvm@gmail.com
12. A.J.M. AMINUL HAQUE jobaertoha@gmail.com
13. Md. Ashraful Islam mukto.ashraful@gmail.com